Labels Unlimited Installs Domino N610i Digital UV Inkjet Label Press

GURNEE, ILLabels Unlimited has installed and is running production into month five on its very first digital label press, the Domino N610i digital UV inkjet.

“Going digital allows us to reduce setup, waste and production time. We’re running the Domino N610i eight hours a day, getting a better finished product with digital, and meeting short turn times,” said Jeff McMahon, president of Labels Unlimited.

Labels Unlimited is a Nashville, TN-based label printer converter, established in 1973 by Jeff’s father, Joseph McMahon.

“We had to update what we were doing. Digital allows us to go into different markets like trials of small packaging and very small trial label quantities. The Domino ingenuity, the quality, the versatility…it’s providing us the opportunity to expand our business…and it’s all about the bottom line. Profits are up. Margins are up. And we have significantly reduced our waste percentage in little to no time,” said McMahon.

“We are shortening the production cycle significantly, enabling faster turn times to meet client needs,” said Danielle Goddard Stevens, plant management/sales at Labels Unlimited. “The Domino N610i also provides something key critical to our customers—color consistency. We maintain the same color quality month after month. Our customers demand high quality and consistency, and we are exceeding their expectations. And what is really exciting is that we are making progress for the future, opening new doors to play in markets we’ve never played in before.”

McMahon agrees. “We didn’t buy digital to replace people. We bought digital to expand our business.” Stevens’ mom, Lyndell Goddard, who is the company controller, echoed McMahon’s thoughts. “It’s all about the bottom line, and what we have already seen in a short period of time is that the bottom line has good impact for us.”

Labels Unlimited is excited about the opportunities that the Domino N610i provides. “We will be able to offer textures, special effects and specialty materials to create shelf appeal for our customers, while minimizing cost that has been prohibitive with conventional methods,” said Stevens. “It also provides us with ‘just in time’ press proofs for specific projects working closely with client designers, allowing us to adjust for an ink match on the fly without having to mix ink.”

Danielle’s husband Clay Stevens, team visionary, said, “We needed to update our fleet of presses and we see digital as the future. We don’t want to be behind the curve. We want to gain a competitive edge by offering a diverse portfolio, and that is what the Domino N610i allows us to do.”