FTA Announces New Leadership Team, Chair
for FIRST Committee

September 7, 2012 – Flexographic Technical Association (FTA) today announced that it has established a new leadership team for its FIRST (Flexographic Image Reproduction Specifications & Tolerances) Committee. Taking the helm is newly appointed FIRST Committee Chair, Mark Mazur, DuPont Cyrel, who replaces the outgoing chair, Lon Robinson III, Tension Corporation. Lon will remain a part of the FIRST Committee as an FTA/FFTA Board Representative.

“As flexography continues to evolve, FIRST must evolve along with it. In just the last year alone we have seen new standards in light sources. Soon flexographic ink standards will line up with General Requirements for Applications in Commercial Offset Lithography (GRACoL). And if I can be so bold, we may even see specifications for expanded gamut printing,” commented Mazur. “I am excited to have this opportunity to chair the FIRST committee and be part of leading the way toward improving the quality and consistency of the flexographic process.”

FIRST’s innovative oversight team is comprised of the following individuals:

Established in the late 1990s, the mission of FTA’s FIRST Committee is to “understand customers’ graphic requirements for reproduction and translate those aesthetic requirements into specifications for each phase of the flexographic printing process, including: customers, designers, prepress providers, raw materials and equipment suppliers, and printers.”

Each member of the leadership group will have his/her own team or multiple teams to focus on specific deliverables. Additionally, with the help of newly appointed co-chair Robb Frimming, the FIRST Committee will work closely with FTA’s Flexo Quality Consortium (FQC) to turn’s today’s research into tomorrow’s specifications.

Mazur concluded, “As FIRST is meant to be a living document, it is constantly evolving to address the current needs of the customer’s graphic requirements. As such, we are always looking for new members to join the FIRST Committee and lend their expertise. So volunteer today!”

Those looking to join the FIRST Committee can contact FTA’s Manager of Educational Services, Shelley Rubin at 631-737-6020 ext. 36.


About FTA/FFTA: Flexographic Technical Association (FTA), chartered in 1958, is a professional society dedicated to bringing all members of the flexographic printing community—printers, suppliers, consumer product companies, institutions, prepress houses and others--together by providing opportunities for the free exchange of technical ideas and discussion of mutual concerns. It is a proponent of maintaining and advancing quality standards and includes 1,650 member sites that represent more than 1,400 companies and 60,000 individuals. Foundation of FTA, founded in 1974, is the educational arm of FTA and is dedicated to supporting and advancing the flexographic printing industry.