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Schober Rotary Die Cutting Technology Ideal For Wide Range Of Materials

Cincinnati, OH – Schober USA introduced their latest version of the popular RSM family of rotary die cutting machines, which is ideal for processing a wide range of paper, film, foil and even technical non-woven materials. Innovative servo-drive technology and continuous synchronously driven rotary die tools allow the RSM to process at speeds of 150 m/min (492 ft/min) while maintaining precise register accuracy. With micrometric die wear compensation adjustment these systems allow an unparalleled service life. They are ideal for a wide range of papers, films and foils including OPP, PE, PS and PET foil, coated paper laminates, and composites as well as technical non-woven materials.

The RSM family is available with working widths of up to 850-mm (33.5-in). Proven components incorporated into each unit include a heavy duty rotary die-cutting station, automated web guide, continuously monitored re-insertion, vacuum controlled product flow, static neutralizer and various delivery options (including robotic delivery). This innovative system unwinds label rolls, die-cuts labels, counts, stacks and delivers labels, re-winds waste matrix with tension control, and is suitable for labels of any size and complexity. Registration is constantly monitored (customers report + 0.004" contour and a 0.008 die cut to print accuracy) so that a print-to-cut accuracy of .015-in is maintained at 95 percent of production.

Pneumatic roll lifting capacity is 440 to 1135 pounds. Die cutting module with high-precision bearing assembly and an innovative “on-the-fly” die to anvil adjustment is included – typical die circumference is 17 - 25-in. A vacuum generator is included for the vacuum conveyor which transports die-cut labels prior to stacking.

This impressive list of features and benefits is just one reason that this technology has been so well received in the marketplace, including a recent order for a demanding application in North Africa.

Schober USA is the North American subsidiary of Schober GmbH – a worldwide leader in rotary web converting technologies for the Label-, Packaging-, Personal Care, and general Paper, Film and Foil converting industries. They customize technologies to suit particular customer requirements, often combining rotary technologies and developing customer processes to do so. For more information, contact David Grove at Schober USA, 4690 Industry Road, Fairfield, OH 45014, (513) 489 – 7393, or at Their extensive product line and capabilities can be viewed at