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GMG Integrates OpenColor and ColorProof with PantoneLIVE

TUEBINGEN, Germany--GMG GmbH & Co KG announced a cooperative agreement with X-Rite Inc. that allows GMG customers to access the PantoneLIVE ecosystem and color libraries, through its award-winning GMG OpenColor and GMG ColorProof platforms.

"We are excited to offer our ever-growing packaging community the ability to connect our award winning spectral proofing solution to the platform of choice for brand owners and suppliers," says Victor Asseiceiro, director of the packaging business unit at GMG. "One of the most difficult challenges facing a converter today is accurate and reliable communication of color data between all parties in the supply chain. Pantone is the de facto method of specifying brand colors in many industries and its integration within GMG products gives customers the most complete and accurate platform for color proofing and management on the market today".

"PantoneLIVE gives highly accurate definitions of the spot colors that customers want, and GMG OpenColor and ColorProof represent best-in-class solutions that ensure proof colors are faithful to on-press spot colors," says Iain Trevor Pike, market director Pantone Digital. "We are thrilled to add GMG to an ever growing list of market leaders like Esko, W&H, Sun Chemical, ColorMetrix and Colorware- all joining X-Rite vision for seamless color communication."

PantoneLIVE is a cloud-based, color management service that now maintains 22 generic packaging-relevant color libraries for carton, flexible packaging and label applications. The PantoneLIVE cloud has become the preferred site for the world's leading brand owners, such as Procter & Gamble Co. and H.J. Heinz Co, for storing packaging color standards.

GMG OpenColor precisely predicts spot-to-process overprint and saves costs by reducing the number of press fingerprints or press trials required and reducing lengthy make-readies. The system eliminates the need for printing combinations of overprints, spot and process through the use of color control strips and software that takes into account substrate properties.