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Container Graphics Awarded Patent for Linerguard

CARY, NC--Container Graphics Corp. was recently awarded a patent for its LinerGuard technology, a unique design feature for cutting dies that radically reduces, and in most cases eliminates, cracking along scores on corrugated board, even with dry and recycled liner.

According to Jim Smithwick, vice president of engineering and manufacturing, the inventor of LinerGuard, “The system addresses the liner cracking problems associated with the conventional
method of rubbering along creasing rule. With LinerGuard special elastomer is installed with a gap between itself and the creasing rule. A retaining system is installed along the elastomer on the
opposite side. This prevents the elastomer, when compressed, from displacing in a direction away from the crease. LinerGuard directs the energy of the compressed elastomer toward the crease, thereby reducing tearing of the liner. It can be used with score, perf and bundle breaker rule.”

Jim Alexander, president and COO added, “Container Graphics, supported by the focus and
experience of Jim Smithwick, constantly strives to pursue and introduce solutions to problems that
have historically challenged the corrugated converting process. LinerGuardT is an example of our
continued dedication to solving these issues.”