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The Provident Group Acquires Custom Flex, LLC

BRYAN, OH--The Provident Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Anderson & Vreeland, Inc.,has acquired Custom Flex, a leading manufacturer and distributor of doctor blades, end seals and innovative solutions for the printing industry. The acquisition is part of The Provident Group’s ongoing effort to provide continuous improvement in its product offering of doctor blades, end seals and technical support for its customers.

“Custom Flex’s technical expertise and patented innovation in the doctor blade and end seal field is a natural fit for The Provident Group and allows us to better serve customers throughout North America,” noted Drew Elisius, vice president of operations for Anderson & Vreeland, Inc. “Our customers will benefit from the cumulative knowledge and industry innovation created by Custom Flex and The Provident Group.”

Custom Flex offers a comprehensive selection of premium-quality doctor blades and is the exclusive master distributor partner of Prime Blade; the premium Swedish doctor blade manufacturer, throughout the United States and Canada. Custom Flex also offers a broad selection of end seals that deliver long lasting performance by using superior materials and AquaShear, a precision machining process that creates a superior seal.

The Provident Group, based in Englewood, CO, will utilize Custom Flex’s Appleton, WI, manufacturing and sales warehouse in addition to its own. For further information visit