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drupa 2012: Announced Success

drupa, the important, international exhibition about  all printing technologies, is over. Now it is time to analyze the results of this event.

Uteco has registered a more than 30% increase in customers who visited its booth compared to drupa 2008. The new Crystal 808, presented to the market for the first time at drupa 2012, was in demos’ twice a day and attendance was incredible. The job changeover as well as the Uteco Kiss&Go® system, to automatically set the printing pressures, were demonstrated with real production jobs thus showing to all visitors the exclusive and superior benefits for the printers.

The quality of the prints by using water based inks (type XP 08 from SUN) as well as the printing speed of 500 m/min on 6 and 7 color production jobs, was recognized by all visitors as a real step forward on environmental friendly flexographic  printing.

Every day, a live connection with the Uteco Demo Centre showed printing demonstrations on a Onyx 810 flexographic press, equipped with a EB unit by ESI and Uteco’s patented Thermilox® and Thermowash®systems. The WetFlex technology by Sun Chemical has been demonstrated with the high level of quality and consistency that this printing method can grant today. Samples of Flexo EB on different kinds of substrates (such as films, foil and board) were given to all attendees.

The collection of orders has been remarkable (15 in total) and more will hopefully come after all discussions and negotiations which were carried out during the entire show. Just to mention some of these orders, five  Onyx 8C-CI for Flexible Packaging, three for South American Customers and two for East European Customers, an 8C-CI press for big repeats to an important Converter in Slovakia type Onyx) fully equipped.

A package of 1 8C-CI flexo press  + 1 solventless laminator especially for food applications was sold to a Romania-based company, two 8C-CI wide web flexo presses for big print repeats to a key converter based in Russia and Serbia and two 10C-CI to the USA and an in-line coating/ machine for special application was purchased by a German Company.    

Uteco’s personnel and top management thank all visitors at Uteco booth at drupa 2012 and invite them already for the next show in 2016.