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MacDermid Printing Solutions xAnnounces LUX® Expansion

Atlanta, Georgia – MacDermid has announced plans to expand its LUX Platemaking technology through the development of "LUX in-the-plate." This cutting-edge technology incorporates the flat-top dot benefits of the LUX process into the plate itself, eliminating any extra steps in the platemaking workflow.

MacDermid Printing Solutions enters 2012 on a wave of unprecedented growth, based on the rapid adoption of LUX platemaking technology. Having recently celebrated its 100th worldwide LUX installation, MacDermid continues to expand the reach of this simple, affordable and effective technology for making the unique LUX flat-topped dot. The print benefits of the LUX technology – smooth vignettes, reduced impression sensitivity, durable highlight dots, and synergy with solid screening technologies – are in daily use all over the world.

The enthusiastic reception of LUX flat-top dot technology prompted the effort to put the functionality of the membrane inside the plate, giving a technology that delivers the LUX dot shape and solid screening enhancement without the need for any extra materials or processes.

“The incorporation of LUX flat-top dot technology into the plate has posed enormous challenges for MacDermid R&D," reported Timothy Gotsick, vice president, technology, MacDermid Printing Solutions. “Despite these challenges, the progress our development team has made is remarkable. Internal print results have clearly demonstrated the technical feasibility of LUX in the plate, and we are aggressively pursuing the manufacturing investments and expanded testing program necessary to bring this unprecedented platemaking capability to the flexographic print industry,” he added. Field-testing of LUX in-the-plate is expected to begin later this year, with the goal of commercializing this revolutionary product in 2013.

“Since we brought LUX to market in 2010, we have been pushing ourselves to improve LUX even further,” said Scot Benson, President of MacDermid Printing Solutions. “We will continue to invest in enhanced LUX technologies, and intend to make LUX the most effective and the most convenient way for customers to get the most advanced flexo print capabilities in the world.”