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Single Shaft Turret Slitter/Rewinder Simplifies Web Ops

PARSIPPANY, NJ: Catbridge's new 324FP turret provides an easier, more efficient way to convert flexible packaging. Instead of offering conventional duplex winding for flexpack, this new turret winds on a single shaft, saving time and greatly simplifying webbing and operations.

In recent trials, the 324FP turret slitter rewinder delivered rolls with excellent edge quality, roll build, and core alignment. The 324FP winds in differential or locked-core mode and integrates state-of-the-art web controls to precisely separate and wind multiple webs side-by-side on one shaft.

The 324FP runs at speeds up to 2,500 fpm and reduces downtime between sets to less than 30 seconds. For most applications, the 324FP can produce 2.5 to 3 times more rolls than a traditional duplex winder.

Simplex winding, cores are easily loaded and spaced side-by-side on a common shaft, eliminating the time necessary to properly position cores in an alternating pattern on two shafts.  Additionally, winding on a single shaft streamlines operations such as unloading. Rolls discharge to a simple tree or table, positioned for an easy transition to a roll wrapper or conveyor system. Simplex winding also provides ergonomic benefits.

Productivity technologies include fully automatic cutoff and transfer. The 324FP turret rewinder also features specialized idler and driven roll designs that facilitate high machine speeds as well as advanced tension and web placement control systems. The 324FP handles materials ranging from 1 mm PE to heavy optical film laminations. Learn more about it at INFO*FLEX Booth # 639.