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ContiTech, HELL Plan Close Collaboration in Flexographic Printing

KIEL, GERMANY: ContiTech Elastomer Coatings and HELL Gravure Systems announced plans to cooperate in the areas of development and application engineering. The aim is to further boost the advantages of direct-engravable flexographic printing plates and establish a sustained foothold in the growing flexographic printing market. In the past months, these printing plates have enabled ContiTech to successfully expand its business overall in the graphics industry. In doing so, the company was able to draw on its wide-ranging experience with elastomer materials.

"The flexographic printing market has responded very enthusiastically to our products. We intend to cash in on the response so as to make inroads into this segment," says Dr. Thomas Perkovic, head of the printing blanket segment at ContiTech Elastomer Coatings. "Technical solutions emerge when systems and material manufacturers join forces. Despite our respective experience, these solutions are not open to either of us when going it alone."

HELL's areas of competence are in systems solutions for printing plate production. In the matter of just a decade, HELL made a name for itself in the flexographic market as a technological trendsetter in the direct engraving of elastomer printing plates. Its PremiumFlexo products for laser direct engraving and PremiumLine range for the automatic production line exemplify this.

The goal in harnessing together the know-how of the two companies is to further actively expand the strengths of this forward-looking technology and offer the flexographic market competitive alternatives to today's manufacturing processes. "Harmonizing material and machine further raises the level of economic efficiency and quality," declares Dr. Jörg Pohé, general manager of HELL Gravure Systems.

The cooperation can already point to tangible successes. "In terms of material composition and reduced plate wear, the newly developed Conti(r) Laserline CSX/CSC printing plates are perfectly geared to high resolution direct engraving technology," notes Armin Senne, flexographic printing business manager at ContiTech Elastomer Coatings. Optimized for the respective requirements of laser direct engraving, the printing plates are supplied in rolls with widths of up to 2100 mm, lengths up to 30 m and a range of thicknesses.

Caption:Conti(r) Laserline flexographic printing plates are a perfect match for HELL's laser engraving systems. Photo: ContiTech.