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Pinpoint Laser System Bore Alignment Kit is Easy to Use

PEABODY, MA: Pinpoint Laser Systems recently introduced its Microgage Bore Alignment Kit for industrial applications. This newest product is perfectly suited for aligning extrusion presses, rams, precision screws, propeller shafts and stern tubes, bar feeders, and many other demanding applications. This Microgage Bore Alignment Kit is compact, precise, easy to set up, and most importantly, affordable for small and large firms alike.

It consists of a cylindrical laser that can be adapted to bores of all sizes. The laser reference beam is projected to a digital receiver that is held in a bore mount with a similar precision. This mount is reversible so that the receiver can detect the laser beam coming either through the bore or entering the bore, and measurement readings are then transmitted to a handheld display. Readings as small as 0.0001 in. (0.003mm) define the bore or shaft’s alignment and guide the user to what changes are needed for optimal performance. Measurements can be made over a range of 150 ft., and simple fixtures expand the options for aligning a variety of machines. A computer interface can store readings and connect the Microgage to common programs and spreadsheets. The Microgage Bore Alignment Kit is highly versatile for use either on the factory floor or in the field and fits into a small carrying case for easy storage.

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