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Gallus / Harper Road Show A Big Hit

PHILADELPHIA, PA--.Gallus, Inc. was the host for a joint road show with Harper Corporation of America on April 5, 2011. It was attended by more than100 printing trade colleagues from a wide variety of market segments. Participants came from all over the northeast region to brush up o n new printing technologies, products and services in a multi-faceted seminar format featuring representatives from Dixie Graphics, Flint Group, RitRama, Rotometrics, and of course, Harper and Gallus.

Brian Bishop, president of Gallus, Inc., observed, “It was quite a privilege to host such a popular event with the folks from Harper and others. It gave all the participants a terrific cross section of input from a wide range of presenters. Ending the event with a hands-on demo of our new Gallus ECS 340 label printing press was certainly a highlight for us.”

Pete Hartman, vice president of sales for Harper Corporation of America said: “Harper was extremely happy with the turnout...The Road Show model continues to be a great vehicle to get technical information to our customers. We greatly appreciated Gallus being willing to host the event and thank them for all of their hard work to make it the success that it was.”

The open house culminated in a demonstration of the new Gallus ECS 340 flexographic label press. The demo provided the guests an opportunity to see the new “rock press” first-hand and discuss their printing needs with a Gallus representative. One of the most dramatic points was made after a label changeover produced a total of 38 feet of material waste from start to full registration. This was possible because of the press’s servo drive platform and its extremely short web path, demonstrating a potential cost savings of $100,000 per year in material savings alone in actual printing environments.