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First DuPont Cyrel FAST Round Systems Installed in North America

WILMINGTON, DE--DuPont Packaging Graphics recently announced the first installations of DuPont™ Cyrel® FAST round sleeve processing systems in North America. The evaluation units were installed at Southern Graphic Systems located in Hickory, N.C., and at OEC Graphics in Oshkosh, Wis.
“The integration of Cyrel® FAST thermal processing technology with continuous print sleeves is a step change in both productivity and quality, and we believe that Southern Graphic Systems and OEC Graphics are ideal locations for our first North American evaluation sites,” stated Wendy Andrushko, North American sales director, DuPont Packaging Graphics.

“These two companies have long experience with in-the-round image carriers and will provide us with excellent technical and end-user feedback as we bring this important new technology to market. These first two Cyrel® FAST round installations, along with the start-up of our own sleeve manufacturing facility in Towanda, Pa., continue to demonstrate our commitment to the advancement of the flexographic packaging industry,” Andrushko noted.

“We believe that this is an important new technology and we are delighted to help DuPont bring it to market,” stated Chris Horton, senior vice president, Southern Graphic Systems. “As a leader in the production of image carriers for both the gravure and flexographic packaging industries, we truly understand the value of a round print form for the printer. Cyrel® FAST round offers the combination of quality and speed that our customers are looking for.”

“OEC Graphics pioneered the continuous print photopolymer sleeve with the introduction of Seamex to the North American flexo market in the early 1990s,” noted Jack Schloesser, CEO, OEC Graphics. “The introduction of the Cyrel® FAST round system, along with the start-up of a local Cyrel® round manufacturing site, will make continuous print sleeves much more accessible to North American flexographers. With our history in round print forms, we are in an excellent position to help DuPont get that message out.”

DuPont expects full commercialization of the Cyrel® FAST round system and at least two more installations in North America in 2011. The Cyrel® round manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania is currently going through final qualification and beginning production ramp-up.