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Flint Group Offers New Plate Waste Recovery Service

CHARLOTTE, NC--To accommodate its customers who are placing a priority on improving the sustainability of their prepress process, Flint Group Flexographic Products is rolling out a new program to provide a plate waste recovery service to its flexographic printing plate customers in the continental United States.

The service is simple and easy to use. Cubic yard corrugated containers are provided to the customer. As plate waste is accumulated, raw plates, coversheets, and used printing plates, with or without mounting tape affixed, are placed in these containers. When the containers are full, the customer simply calls a toll free number, and the containers are picked-up by a licensed waste service provider and replaced with new ones. Title to the waste immediately transfers to the disposal company, which responsibly takes the waste plates and utilizes it for energy content in the production process in the making of cement. The process involves 100 percent recycling of the waste; even the ash content after incineration becomes part of the cement product, whereas in a landfill it would consume space and might linger for many years.

Another benefit of this program is that when it is administered properly, it indemnifies the customer from future issues related to transportation, disposal and long-term liability. “The real beauty of this service is that the customer receives the peace of mind in knowing that waste has been responsibly disposed of, and at the same time, the plant is achieving a more eco-efficient process,” affirms Terri Stewart, marketing manager for Flint Group Flexographic Products. The program is very cost effective and immediately available to all customers in the continental United States. Customers may contact their Flint Group Flexographic Products regional sales manager, or customer service at 800-556-6742, to initiate the program.