John Crammer, Best Label, Bestowed FTA President’s Award

Flexographic Technical Association, over its 55 year lifespan, has consistently grown and prospered as the direct result of a volunteer base representing committed individuals who see the value in dedicating their time and talent for the collective good of the flexographic business community. With that in mind, John Crammer, Best Label, has been selected as the sole recipient of the 2013 FTA President’s Award.

Crammer has demonstrated an ongoing strong commitment to the goals and objectives of the Association and Foundation. He is a vocal proponent of education, and routinely stresses the importance of elevating skill sets at all levels within the flexographic business community. He first investigated, then invested in FTA’s FIRST Certification Program, earning recognition as a FIRST certified Implementation Specialist. From there, he and a group of his managers set about embarking on the next level, a FIRST Company Certification, as the very first business to achieve this designation.

John is active in sharing what he and his company have learned. Presenting on FTA and affiliated organization meetings agendas, he has addressed topics that pertain to the importance of process control and the utilization of technology to successfully achieve business objectives. As a speaker at the 2011 Printing Industries of America Color Management Conference and in the FIRST Session—in addition to co-chairing the Emerging Trends Session—at the 2013 Forum, John has never been shy about stepping up and helping others learn from his experiences.

In representing the narrow web printing community, John recently assumed the definitive role of organizational leader as he joined the FTA Board of Directors and FFTA Board of Trustees in March of last year.

John is a serious “can do” leader who’s not afraid to plow new ground and commit his personal and company resources for the common good of the flexographic business community. For this admirable quality, he is well deserving of the 2013 FTA President’s Award.

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The FTA President's Award strives to recognize and show appreciation for key individuals who have distinguished themselves in ways that have positively affected the flexographic community, the Association and its membership. Established in the early 1990s, the award is a result of a selection process that involves key FTA management personnel as well as a number of recommendations from respected industry sources. There are no preset criteria against which individuals are evaluated; the FTA's President's Award is simply an honor given to those who have demonstrated exceptional dedication, volunteerism, and leadership to the flexo printing and converting community.