FTA Hall of Fame Award

Gary Hilliard Elected to FTA Hall of Fame

Gary Hilliard, past chairman of Foundation of Flexographic Technical Association’s Board of Trustees worked fervently to ensure flexography became and remained packaging’s print process of choice, for nearly four decades. When he passed away, Feb. 23, 2013, it was just two days since he learned of his pending installation into flexography’s most prestigious society, the FTA Hall of Fame. He was looking forward to what was sure to be a shining moment in his career...read more


The FTA Hall of Fame has been a part of our heritage since 1962 and is considered to be the industry’s most prestigious honor. The award recognizes individuals for their lifetime of commitment, dedication and achievement. The individuals who make up this esteemed society are dedicated volunteers who have contributed countless hours sharing their time and talent to the betterment of the flexographic industry with no expectation of return.

Know Someone Suitable for FTA Hall of Fame Consideration?

The nominee must be an individual whose leadership and service have significantly and noticeably contributed to the advancement of the flexographic printing process and the FTA/FFTA. Such service may have been rendered through direct participation in Association/ Foundation activities as well as by action independent of this organization’s programs.

Inductees are selected by all current members of the Hall of Fame by a secret ballot from a list of nominated candidates generated by a variety of sources including existing Hall members, the general membership at large, retired industry participants and even family members that have endured a lifetime of FTA activity.

Selection criteria utilized in the voting process dictates that the individual must:

  • Have made a recognized contribution to the flexographic printing industry;
  • Have developed an historic business relationship and connection to flexographic printing;
  • Have demonstrated distinctive service to the FTA/FFTA and other professional organizations involved with any aspect of the industry;
  • Be or have been actively involved with education and training programs for the advancement of the industry and improvement of personnel skills; and
  • Be recognized by industry peers for his/her efforts and effectiveness in the promotion and advancement of the industry and the education process of its labor force.

The selection process is admittedly not a highly structured one. Yet, it is flexible enough to allow for many different contributions to be taken into consideration. These contributions are usually based on an accruement of long-term efforts. The nominee’s contributions should be visible by specific improvements made in the FTA/FFTA’s internal or external operations as well as the flexo industry as a whole.

Nomination of a candidate requires only one sponsor. Such nominations should be submitted on a Hall of Fame nomination form (available from FTA) which requests information on the nominee’s contributions to the advancement of the flexographic printing technology, industry, FTA/FFTA, etc. in addition to personal background information on the nominee.

Nominated candidates remain in consideration for a period of five years as each year the Hall of Fame committee carries forward the names of those not selected. After five years, the nomination must be reactivated and brought up to date by the same person that originally nominated the candidate or some other interested party. If this does not occur, the individual will be dropped from future consideration.

The more industry endorsements a candidate receives, the more attention that person will attract from the Hall’s voting membership. Why not take a moment to consider who you think may be worthy of this prestigious distinction?

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